Debi West, Ed.S, NBCT

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My Philosophy:
Quite simply, I believe that every child can learn and be successful when properly guided.
The visual arts are a vehicle in which every child can certainly learn and succeed because there are no mistakes;
the arts are an expression of one's self, a mirror to their soul!
I know that art is the mediator that extends across the boundaries of age, ability and culture. 
Experts agree that a comprehensive arts education builds cognitive abilities, self-esteem and problem solving skills; 
kids agree that making and creating art is fun!
Debi West, Ed.S, NBCT has been teaching children through the vehicle of the visual arts in Gwinnett County since 1993. 
She was just named the 2017 NAEA Southeastern Secondary Art Educator of the Year!  She will be presenting at the NAEA Conference in NYC this March!

She has been named the National 2012 NAHS Sponsor of the Year, the 2011 State Youth Art Month Honorary Art Educator;  the 2009 Georgia Art Educator of the Year; she was selected as a 2009 Woodruff Arts Leader in Arts Education Honoree; the 2006 NAEA Marion Quin Dix Leadership Award Recipient; the 2005 Gwinnett County Teacher of the Year; the 2005 National Elementary Art Educator of the Year, 
and was selected as a top 10 Georgia Teacher of the Year Finalist in 2006. 
She is passionate about teaching the visual arts to kids! 
Debi is currently working on her Ph.D in language and literacy at the University of Georgia.
She is an advocate for art education and served as the Youth Art Month Chair in Georgia for 4 years,
bringing home 2 National Clare Flanagan YAM Awards and 2 National Award of Excellence Awards. 
She is a Past President of the Georgia Art Education Association and is currently a contributing editor for Arts and Activities Magazine.
Mrs. West is the past Southeastern Vice President with the National Art Education Association and
 has served as the NAEA Southeastern Secondary Division Director, the Southeastern Advocacy Chair and the NAEA Southeastern Elementary Division Director.

Debi West's 2016-2017 Visual Art Schedule

1st period:  PLANNING
2nd period:  Draw/Paint   Room #406
3rd period:  CONNECT
4th period:  Draw/Paint Room #406
5th period:  LUNCH
6th period:  2D / 3D  Room #406
7th period:  2D / 3D  Room #406
OPEN STUDIO:  Every day until 3:30 and 5th Lunch
NAHS Meetings:  Every other Tuesday
GHP Meetings:  Every Wednesday until October's Auditions